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(Orlando, FL)—Orlando Towing Company, a Florida-based service owned by model Beau Hartwick, has recently announced the launch of their brand new website. The website is now responsive and mobile-friendly so that it’s easier for those who require a towing service to find the information they’re looking for when they’re in a bind. The company invites drivers in Orlando and the surrounding areas to use the website any time of the day or night to take advantage of their fast, reliable service.

Beau Hartwick, the model behind the Orlando Towing Company brand, commented “We are truly excited to be launching this new website for our Orlando drivers. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a car break down at an inconvenient time or be involved in an unexpected accident. This is why we’ve created the new OTC website. Whether a driver is in need of a Wrecker when a bad accident renders their car non-operational or finds themselves broken down or locked out in the middle of the night, our new mobile-friendly company website with tap-to-call technology makes it easy to contact our experienced technicians for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Orlando Towing Service offers a full suite of options for drivers who have experienced a car breakdown, accident, or are otherwise in need of help. Their towing service is available for emergency situations as well as to haul heavy-duty trucks or move vehicles long distances. OTC has also made emergency Roadside Assistance available to customers who may need a jump start, experience a flat tire, run out of gas, or are locked out of their vehicle. Their Roadside Assistance services are AAA-approved, which means that drivers can count on them for high-quality service.

As Hartwick goes on to say, “I want our potential clients to know that Orlando Towing Company is dedicated to earning their business. We understand that over the years the towing industry in Orlando has been tarnished by unethical behavior, which is why my partners and I decided to take action. We fully understand that being in the towing business is about serving people in their time of need, and launching this new responsive website is just one of the ways that we can better serve the drivers of Orlando.”

About Orlando Towing Company:

Simply put, Orlando Towing Company tows cars. Their team provides 24/7 emergency towing service, wrecker service, and roadside assistance services to all of Orlando, Florida.

Source: http://markets.financialcontent.com/mi.fresnobee//news/read/32008002

Bel Air MD Auto Auction | Auto Auction Bel Air MD | Auto Auction | MD


Bel Air Auto Auction manages the flow of more than 100,000 vehicles each year, handling consignments from new and used car dealers and private business fleets as well as those from public service and government agencies. Bel Air Auto Auction sells on six dealer auction lanes every Thursday.

The is strategically located in just 17 miles from Baltimore and 80 miles from Philadelphia and provides a wide range of auto-related services, including floor planning, storage, transportation, Internet sales, full vehicle reconditioning, and certification. We even assist in the selling of donated vehicles to help raise funds for many charitable organizations. today at (410) 879-7950 to learn more about our dealer auto auctions in Bel Air and Edgewood, MD.

Continued Dealer Auction Growth

Over the last 60 years, Bel Air Auto Auction has grown and evolved to become one of the most respected, efficient marketplaces for buyers and sellers in the mid-Atlantic. In addition to weekly dealer auctions, we offer public auctions, salvage auctions, powersports auctions, and real estate auctions (via our Atlantic Auctions). More remarketing options means auction cars move quickly, and at the best possible prices.

We’ve built long-standing relationships with our clients over the years, ranging from small local dealers to large financial institutions. We are happy to tailor our services to provide just the amount of support our dealers need – from auto auction transportation and reconditioning, to promotion and inventory management, to marshaling and other specialty services. Our clients are our priority, and we strive to grow and maintain our relationships with them. to learn about how to get involved in our Bel Air dealer auctions.

Benefits of Online Auctions

Bel Air Auto Auction offers cutting-edge simulcast online sales, electronic payment, and even custom online sales programs for banks and credit unions. Our data management system is driven by industry-leading technology that integrates seamlessly with AutoIMS.com. This capability allows our auto auction company to truly offer the best of both worlds – our superior, local customer service backed by the most powerful data systems in existence. In addition to expanding markets geographically, our online database allows pre-sale vehicle searches that match buyers and sellers exactly, driving even greater dealer auction success. Come see for yourself!

The Bel Air Auto Auction Difference

We provide numerous dealer auto auction services for the convenience of our dealers, including:

  • Transportation – Vehicle pickup and delivery
  • Automated Vehicle Check-in
  • Electronic Condition Reporting
  • Full Reconditioning and Repairs
  • Complete ‘Paperless Block’ Sale Administration
  • Settlement & Reporting within 1 Day
  • All Lanes Simulcast – Online bidding from anywhere
  • Secure Storage
  • Recovery and Remarketing Services

The satisfaction of our auto auction buyers and sellers is always our top priority. with any questions or to learn more about our Bel Air auto auctions, and we look forward to serving you at an upcoming dealer auction. Learn more about Maryland auctions and begin buying or selling today.

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Knowing Your Plane More Through Their Maintenance Requirements

If you have your own jet or is a company having a number of jets, investing on aircraft maintenance is very essential. Planes are considered to be complicated. Professionals keep aircraft in different ways just to ensure that they will be flying well in the air. If you are wondering what are the maintenance needs of your plane, this article is just right for you. Arming yourself with this kind of information will help you better understand your aircraft.

– The Airframe Maintenance

Airframe are the different basic mechanical structure of the plane like the undercarriage, wings and fuselage. These three aspects are the main concern on airframe maintenance and does not deal with maintaining the engine or even the propulsion system. This work would basically include painting the plane, replacing the landing gear, preventing and controlling corrosion and inspecting and replacing the winglets.

Letter check is also part of this maintenance which occurs after the plane has taken a fly for a particular number of miles. These letter checks include A, B, C and D. D check is taking the parts apart and then reassembled, C check is inspecting all components, and B and A checks are for the cosmetic aspect. A and B are performed more often, but C and D will need long hours of work and are only done every few years.

– The APU and Engine Maintenance

The engine of the aircraft is an extremely essential part, so just needs regular check-ups. To make sure that your engine is well maintained, then you have to look for a mechanic who is equipped in your engine type. Engine work would include troubleshooting, engine testing, removing and reinstallation. On the same manner, the APU or auxiliary power unit of your get should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. The auxiliary power unit gives power for your craft to function well aside from the propulsion. So, you need a knowledgeable mechanic which is familiar with your APU.

– The Cleaning and Replacement of Components

There are a number of aircraft components that should be checked and repaired, if necessary. In this job, the components must be removed and cleaned. Damaged parts are replaced, parts are lubricated and components are applied with anti-corrosion compounds. Technicians will also run tests on both hydraulic and pneumatic system to ensure their smooth running.

– Avionics Testing

The performance of your plane relies on your electronic system which is part of the avionics. This kind of testing includes the navigation as well as communications equipments, such as GPS, radar, computer systems and radio communicators. The mechanic doing the job should know about electrical engineering since this task involves rewiring and replacing components.

With all of these aircraft maintenance needs, there should be the right technician and mechanic to perform the job.

Source: http://aycn.net/2016/04/26/planning-a-mechanic-career-here-are-your-options/

Learning The “Secrets” of Airplanes


Aircraft Maintenance for Best Performance

If you want your aircrafts in good flying condition, whether you are a private owner or an airline company owner, it is very important that regular maintenance and inspections be performed on them. Only professionals are able to perform regular maintenance and inspection on an aircraft because it is a complicated vehicle, and the procedures are done in different ways and on different aircraft parts which will ensure that every part operates properly. Here are the different phases of maintenance and inspection that an aircraft undergoes.

First, maintenance and inspection is done on the airframe, which is the mechanical structure of an aircraft. The fuselage, the wings, and the undercarriage make up the airframe. Airframe maintenance does not focus on all the aircraft parts but only the components of the airframe, so the engine or the propulsion system is not included in this work. Tasks such as winglet inspection and replacement, corrosion prevention and control, painting the aircraft, and landing gear replacement are all involved in the maintenance of the airframe. In aircraft maintenance we also have what is known as the letter checks. The aircraft is subjected to the letter checks, which are detailed inspections done after the aircraft has flown a certain number of miles. Cosmetic A and B checks, intensive C checks of all components, and D check which is the dismantling and reassemebling of the aircraft, are all procedures in the letter check. The more frequently done maintenance are the A and B checks, while the other two demands a lot of time although it is only done every few years.

Engine maintenance is very important to an aircraft. A mechanic who specializes in the specific type of engine that the aircraft has is the only one qualified to do its maintenance work. Engine maintenance includes a lot of work. These works include comprehensive testing of the engine, engine removal and reinstallation, and engine troubleshooting. Regular check and maintenance should also be given to the auxiliary power unit or the APU. The power, other than propulsion, that the aircraft needs to function is provided by the APU. The mechanic should have the knowledge and proper training in this specific model of your APU.

Aside from these there are other aircraft components that need to be checked and, if necessary, repaired. If these other components are subjected to a full scale component check what will be done are the following: removing and cleaning the components, applying compounds to prevent corrosion, lubrication of parts, and replacement of damaged parts.

An aircraft performance is also dependent on its electronic systems called the avionics. Navigation and communication equipment including GPS, radar, radio communicators, and computer systems are included in the testing of the avionics. Rewiring and replacement of components parts is involved in the maintenance of avionics and which is also done by a mechanic with electrical engineering qualifications.

Source: http://factsurf.com/facts/10-incredible-facts-about-aircraft/

6 Facts About Services Everyone Thinks Are True


What Are The Things To Consider About Aircraft Maintenance?

In case that you have an aircraft being managed or owned, you need to basically consider the condition of it. In terms of aircraft maintenance, it is undeniable that there are sensitive cases of which only professionals can manage. Therefore, it is ideal on your part to take into consideration the option of having an aircraft maintenance professional who will render the service then. Upon going with this option, there is an assurance that you will be able to get the advantages from it.

First and foremost, you can have the peace of mind about the essential things that should be taken care of with regards to aircraft maintenance once you have the assistance of a professional. Proper maintenance will definitely be given to the airplane if the person doing the task has sufficient expertise about it. In relation to this, you have to take into account some considerations in order to have the guidance in terms of choosing for the right aircraft maintenance professional.

With the advancement of technologies in the society today, looking for an aircraft maintenance professional can be done easily and quickly. All you have to do is get online and start searching for the list of these professionals in the web. After you are able to input the keywords on the search engine box, it is apparent that you will then be given with the result that you are looking for.

It is essential on your part to check the website of the aircraft maintenance professional once you have acquired the name from your research. By doing so, there is a chance for you to determine the qualities of the person who will be giving the task for you. You have to take your time in reading the content of the website so as to know the inclusions in the service of the professional. You have to check as well if there are reviews that you can read. With this, there is a chance for you to learn about the contentment that the past clients of the professional has experienced in terms of the services rendered to them. You have to make sure that there are positive feedbacks coming from them so as to see to it that they are indeed satisfied.

Once the aircraft maintenance is not accurate, there is a certain possibility that more damage will be attained thus, you have to look for the right professional. You don’t want this to happen because you have to be more troubled. With this, it is good for you to begin the searching process in the internet now and find for the most suitable aircraft maintenance professional for you!

Source: http://aycn.net/2016/04/26/planning-a-mechanic-career-here-are-your-options/

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The Usefulness of Aircraft Maintenance

One of the very important procedure that every single aircraft owners should not forget to undertake is their aircraft maintenance, which is a set of procedures that mainly cover the repair, inspection and modification of an aircraft or some of its aircraft components, therefore if you own an aircraft then you basically need to obtain and gain some knowledge about aircraft maintenance if you do not want to spend some money on aircraft repairs to be done by someone else and to also avoid getting aircraft system failures to happen in the future. The maintenance to be done on your aircraft is not only about the replacing of a certain part that is already damaged but it should also cover the refueling and cleaning of the aircraft, this supposedly should be done to all types of aircraft either they are large planes or smaller aircraft a periodical maintenance need to be achieved. The maintenance of your aircraft should be an obligation with the rules on aircraft ownership, thus, there is basically no company who are exempted in terms to the aircraft maintenance responsibilities, and there are certain authorities in the world whose their job is to basically make sure that each and every owner who owns an aircraft is doing his obligatory part on maintaining the safety and condition of his own aircraft.

One of the main reasons as to why maintaining the aircraft is essential is in order for you to avoid any accidents from happening. Accident happen a lot, and aircraft are not exempted to this so in order for you to lessen the chance on having one of this accidents then it is highly recommended for you to regularly maintain your aircraft to not only ensure your aircraft safety but to also ensure that each and every passenger that is on board your aircraft including yourself is safe.

Doing periodical maintenance work on our aircraft is also very crucial so that our aircraft will maintain its great performance and will also extend the life of the aircraft. Checking the airflow status of the aircraft is really important since one of the most essential component of an aircraft is its airflow, so you have to make sure that it is properly maintained in order for your aircraft to perfectly work well each and every time it takes off the ground, fly on the air and lands back on the air field, and having regular maintenance can also not only save your aircraft but it will also prolong its life so it will work better each and every time you use it.

Source: http://aycn.net/2016/04/26/planning-a-mechanic-career-here-are-your-options/

A Quick Overlook of Experts – Your Cheatsheet


Aircraft Maintenance Essentials

In order to keep an aircraft in good flying condition, it needs to undergo regular aircraft maintenance and inspections. There are many different ways by which aircrafts can be maintained so that all its parts are fully operational, and that is the reason why these complicated vehicles need professionals to service them thoroughly.

Below are the different types of maintenance that every aircraft needs.

The basic mechanical structure of an aircraft which includes the fuselage, the wings, and the undercarriage is called the airframe. Airframe maintenance means the maintenance of these basic mechanical structure, not including the engine or the propulsion systems. Maintenance work involves inspection and replacement of winglets, prevention and control of corrosion, painting, and replacement of landing gears. This kind of maintenance involves ‘letter checks’ which are inspections made in detail after a specific number of miles in the air. A and B are cosmetic checks, C is an intensive check of all the components and the D check is where the aircraft is taken apart and reassembled; these are the components of the letter check. The frequently done checks are the cosmetic A and B checks while the C intensive check and the D dismantling and reassembling, involves a lot of time and are only done every few years.

The other types of maintenance that are also extremely important for aircrafts are the engine and APU (Auxiliary power unit) maintenance. Since this is a highly specialized maintenance work, it takes a mechanic that specializes in the specific engine type of the aircraft, to do the task. Comprehensive engine testing, removal and reinstallation, and troubleshooting are the different works involved in engine maintenance. In a similar fashion the plane’s APU need to be checked and maintained regularly. APU is the one that provides the aircraft’s power for functions not related to propulsion. A mechanic well versed in fixing the specific make and model of the APU is needed to do this maintenance work.

IF necessary, all the other aircraft parts need to be checked and repaired. Component removal and cleaning, anti-corrosion compound application, parts lubrication, and damaged parts replacements are the activities involved in a complete aircraft components’ check. The mechanic runs a test on all pneumatic and hydraulic systems to check if they are running smoothly.

Avionics is aircraft electronics which is crucial to an aircraft’s performance. GPS, radar, radio communications, and computer systems are part of the navigation and communication equipment of the aircraft which are the focus of avionics testing and maintenance. Rewiring and replacing of components will be done by a technician if necessary. For this type of maintenance job, the mechanics has to be one with a strong technical knowledge of electrical engineering. We can describe aircraft maintenance as an extensive and multifaceted process. The aircraft’s condition and performance capability can be known through the various stages of maintenance which aircraft owners should understand.

Source: http://www.globaltechnologyblog.com/more-tech/engineering-careers-you-hadnt-considered/

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